About Us

About Us

Hop onto Ingredients Express…

Ingredients Express is a name known to all leading bakers and chefs around the globe. Be it the food industry, spices and herbs industry, baking industry or industries dealing in baking tools and equipment, this name has always delivered. From the basic elements required for the cake batter to its final packaging, we have it all. Same goes for our spices and herbs variety. With over 5000 products to offer, we have scaled new heights of which we are extremely proud of. All the credit goes to our vendors and customers who have shown their immense trust in us.

We, at Ingredients Express, believe that food brings families and friends closer. We also believe in bringing our customers closer to their dreams and therefore, we work day and night to turn their dreams into reality.

We Are Different…Try Us!

What gives us a leading edge over our global competitors is something that every customer expects from its dealer.

We are Resourceful

From the extracts of single-sourced vanilla beans of Mexico to best quality cardamom of India, we have it all. We are resourceful. What makes us the best among the best is our global reach to bring any ingredient or tool to your doorstep. And, even if we have to dig deep down to the core of the earth to extract the best material for you, we will. Just Kidding’! Or are we? Find out…

We Engage

We look out for our customers and their needs. We don’t simply run on assumptions, rather we absorb the very idea that rejoices our customers’ hearts and their businesses. A business is a business, small or big! And, if that business runs on supply of our ingredients then we make sure to treat our customers well. Because in their business lies our business, like literally!

We are Prompt

Our services are in-time and efficient. Your orders are dealt with care and attention. We don’t believe in keeping loose ends. But, to err is human. Reach out to us for any order related queries and we will happy to sort the stuff out.

We are Omnipresent

No, we are not God! We are simply the best in what we do. Our network of suppliers is strong. You can get your order delivered within no time. Our services are enjoyed by restaurants, bakeries, breweries, catering companies, hotels, packaging companies and many others.

We know Well

Our team comprises of trained and professional people. We know our herbs, spices, sweeteners, baking ingredients, baking tools like no one else, and also where to get them from. Our knowledge of ingredients is open for our customers to exploit.

We won’t brag about ourselves too much, we leave it to you to test us. We are open for your feedback and would love to hear about our services from you.